BUS 2 BUS 19.03.2019 - 21.03.2019

Trade Fair and Congress for BUS industry

BUS2BUS: Venue for the growing bus travel industry.

- The bus industry is experiencing a fundamental transformation
- Liberalization, European deregulation and smart city concepts are intensifying competition
- Growing individualized demand for buses, equipment and business/infrastructure solutions
- New opportunities for customized, high-quality supply concepts
- New outlook with eco-friendly technologies, digital media, new designs and features, innovative services
- New partnerships and sales opportunities ensure a competitive edge

BUS2BUS shines a "green light" on the future of the bus industry:

As a high-end platform for bus operators, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and visionaries, BUS2BUS is inspiring the industry with new ideas and solutions.

Welcome aboard!

The unique BUS2BUS program.

The concept: Everything for everyone who builds – and uses – buses

BUS2BUS in Berlin offers trade visitors a chance to experience the future of the bus industry in many different ways.
As a combined trade fair, congress and marketplace, BUS2BUS offers an unparalleled meeting place for discussing new business approaches and building cross-industry partnerships. BUS2BUS showcases buses in static displays and in action.

Three events under one roof:

Exhibitors from the following sectors:

Bus manufacturing
Bus coachwork
Components and accessories
Equipment and interiors
Safety technologies
IT and media
Display technologies

Meet visitors from the following sectors:
Long-distance transport
Tour operators
Public transit
Fleet operators
Charter companies/service providers

You can buy your ticket at the representative office of MESSE BERLIN with discount:

-DAY TICKET: 20 €  (box office: 45 €)

- PERMANENT TICKET:  40 € (box office: 75 €)

-CONGRESS + 1 day ticket :  230 € (box office 250€)

-CONGRESS + 2 day ticket:  300 € (box office 350€)




Miha Čebulj

 Tel.: +386(0)5905 1410; GSM: +386 (0)31 312 914


Tamara Stanarević

 Tel.: +386(0)5905 1411




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