STAGE SET SCENERY 18.6. - 20.6.2019

The international exhibition for theatre, media and event technology

2017: 274 exhibitors on 19 100 m2

           6636 visitors

Stage Set Scenery - World of Entertainment Technology is  trade show for professional theatre planning, film, stage, lighting, sound, video and media technology, make-up and costume design.

Aimed at capturing the industry's future markets, the Stage Set Scenery concept includes acoustic, studio, exhibition and museum technologies. Messe Berlin is following market trend and responding to the demand for a sustainable international trade event with growth potential.

This trade show is being organised in cooperation with the German Theatre Technical Society (DTHG), which is one of the oldest professional associations in Germany. Its key objectives include bringing together manufacturers and professional users, supporting vocational training requirements and providing advice on regulatory issues.

The DTHG is directly responsible for the International Stage Technology Conference, an integral part of the SSS programme.



-Architecture and stage planning

-Stage and event technology

-Lighting and illumination design

-Audio and Studio equipment


-Video technology

-Communications and networks

-Media technology

-Convention and conference equipment

-Museum technology and fittings


-Make up

-Decoration and furnishings

Special effects

-Event services

-Technical building installations and facility management

*The new trade show will be presented every two years.

You can order your ticket at the representative office of MESSE BERLIN with discount:

-DAY TICKET: 20€  (office box: 40-€)

 - PERMANENT TICKET :  32€ (office box 58-€)

  - STUDENT TICKET  :  10€

 -CONGRESS Stage Set Scenery Night: 36€


Miha Čebulj

 Tel.: +386(0)5905 1410; GSM: +386 (0)31 312 914


Tamara Stanarević

 Tel.: +386(0)5905 1411


Welcome at SSS 2019!



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