ConhIT 17.04.2018 - 19.04.2018

As Europe’s leading industry event for healthcare IT

2017: 415 exhibitors from 14 countries

         9.000 visitors

The next annual highlight in the field of Healthcare IT is taking place in Berlin from 17 to 19 April 2017: conhIT - Connecting Healthcare IT. Daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the exhibitors will present the full range of Healthcare IT products and services in a display area covering 15,000 m². Along with established solutions conhIT also features quality innovations and trends in the Healthcare system. An increasingly important part is being played by the links with medical technology and telematics.

 Thematic tours of the Industrial Fair will direct trade visitors to the new products and solutions on show at conhIT. Excursions will also be organised to hospitals nearby, where visitors will be able to see IT solutions working in practice.

 Small innovative companies, consultants, associations, research and science institutions, universities and the trade press will also be staging combined displays at theme pavilions to introduce themselves and their projects.

Exhibition Topics

 Software for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and care homes

IT solutions for medical practices, laboratories and radiographers

Hardware und IT infrastructure

Communication solutions

Telemedicine solutions

Archiving and documentation

IT consultancy

Medical technology (meets IT)

Networked buildings systems


Quality and knowledge management

Visitor Target Groups

 Combining a marketplace with knowledge transfer and networking opportunities enables conhIZT to gather players from the Healthcare IT industry under one roof:

 IT: IT managers (CIOs) and IT      workers

Management: managing directors (CEOs)

Financial controlling: financial controllers      (CFOs) in medical abd commercial areas

Medicine: CMOs, clinicians,      Healthcare professionals

Nursing: nursing services, hospital      and community nursing staff

Industry: members of software      companies and consultancies

Represenatives from politics      and science

Students and trainees



You can buy tickets at representative office of MESSE BERLIN:

- Day ticket + CONGRESS: 44 € (ON SITE: 55 €)

- Permanent ticket + CONGRESS: 88 € (ON SITE: 110 €)


Miha Čebulj

+386 (0)31 312 914; e-mail:

Welcome to ConhIT 2018!



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